Sunday, April 22, 2012

the Countdown Continues.....

Another busy day as my opening approaches.  First, here's a picture of the invitation (and yes, you are all cordially invited!).  Sorry about the quality of the picture, but I didn't get a digital copy (it was designed by the gallery), so the best I could do was a photo of the actual card.

Today's job was to make the display boxes for the greeting cards that I'll be selling at the gallery.  The picture below shows the boxes during construction.  I had no idea how I was going to make them, but somehow when I got to the studio and looked at what materials I had available the construction method just fell into place.

After this stage all the seams were covered with masking tape and the boxes were then painted.  I had some red/brown paint left over from my studio renovations and after a few coats they should (hopefully) have the look of Japanese lacquer ware (with a few lumpy bumpy bits where the taped seams overlap).  Anyway, they should do the job.  Making the 5 boxes took about 3 hours which left me with a few hours to do some stitching.  It's only been a week since I last did some embroidery, but if I don't get into the studio often enough I start to lose my centre of gravity (I'm sure all you stitch addicts out there know what I mean!).  As I tick off the tasks I have to do each day I get a little less stressed about the opening.  I'm hoping that on the night I'll just be able to let go and enjoy myself.

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magicmoonmusings said...

Sounds like you're on top of things, it'll go well :) Sending you good vibes!