Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This work is called Allegiance and is influenced by the air dispersal patterns that arise from a waving flag.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Quick Silver Girl

This piece, titled Quick Silver Girl, is embroidered on a shibori background which provides a contrasting pattern to the embroidery overlaying it.

Subtle variegated threads provide visual liveliness.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beaded Jewellry

While I was away I had lots of time on my hands and so made a number of beaded necklaces.  They will be for sale shortly via ETSY.  Double click images for a larger view.

Turquoise, bone, silver plated beads.

Agate, freshwater pearls and glass beads, six strands.

South American opal, glass beads, freshwater pearls.

Glass beads and bone.

South American opal, freshwater pearls, bamboo coral and glass beads.  Three strands.

Glass beads and agate.

Seed pods, bone, semi precious stone and wooden beads, 2 strands.

Turquoise, freshwater pearls, african metal beads.

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Living Texture

When you are travelling you tend to take the time to notice all the little details that are unique to your new surroundings.  I had walked past these plants and rocks several times before I stopped to photograph them.  If you wish to see them in more detail simply double click to get a larger image.

This tree trunk reminds me of the work, Hovor II by El Anatsui that I featured in a previous entry.

Palm tree trunk.

Trunk of another species of palm tree.

It is almost comically hairy.

Close up of the "hairy crown" of the stump.

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More Images from The Darling House

I wrote my previous entry on The Darling House from the airport on the way home and realised that some of the images I wanted to use were still on my camera (which was in my suitcase).  So here are a few more photographs of this extraordinary house.

Detail of inlay in entrance hall.

Even the radiators are beautiful.

Carved column

Lounge room mantelpiece.

Lily and roses in the garden

Sartorially resplendent rabbit.  A little creepy because the head is actually from a real rabbit (or made from rabbit fur to look incredibly realistic).

Decorative inlay also adorns the floors.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back home and back to work.

Now that our holiday is over I need to get my head back into my art work.  I have 3 works to complete for my show later this year.  In the meantime, here is another work that will form part of my Continuum show.

The body of the bird is constructed using feathers from a Tasmanian Bronze Wing Pigeon.  The embroidered lines represent airflow patterns over a bird in flight.

Detail photos showing the glorious feathers and the bronzing that gives the bird its name.

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The Darling House, Santa Cruz

Today we left Santa Cruz and began the long journey home.  While in Santa Cruz we stayed at the delightful The Darling House, bed and breakfast on West Cliff Drive.  This charming house was built in 1910.  Designed by William Weeks, the house is an amalgam of a number of different, but nevertheless pleasingly combined, architectural styles.

The Darling House overlooks Monterey Bay and is beautifully framed by the garden which is the work of the current owner, Darrell Darling.

The entrance hall comprises beautiful wood panelling with detailed inlay work.

The entrance hall as seen from the lounge room.

The dining area is nestled in an oversized bay window.

The lounge room is a comfortable place to take in the view over Monterey Bay.

Gorgeous lead light windows filter sunshine into the house.

Beautiful details abound, such as the front door latch and other fittings.  

Karen and Darrell Darling were very gracious hosts and I would recommend The Darling House to anyone looking to spend some time in Santa Cruz.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Treasures from the De Young Museum

Honda Syoryu,  Aware, 2006.  Madake, rattan.  

Amazing and gorgeous from every angle.

Judy Kensley McKie.  Jaguar Bench, 1993.

Something is missing here.......oh yeah.......handmade chocolates!

Eastman Johnson, Portraits (The Brown Family), 1869, oil on canvas.      
I love the colours in this painting.

Charles Caryl Coleman, Azaleas and Apple Blossoms, 1879, oil on canvas.
I absolutely adore this painting.  I could very happily have it in my home.

Love the subtle rendering of the wallpaper behind the subject.

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