Friday, June 3, 2011

Welcome to Silk and Colour

Welcome to Silk and Colour.  On this blog I will be posting news about my hand embroidered artworks and the things that inspire me.  My first solo show is scheduled for later this year.  In the intervening weeks I will be posting images of my work.

The title of my show is Continuum.  The show will feature 2 series of works:  the Crop Circle series (9 works) and the Flow Series (21 works).

Part of the Flow Series, this work is based on a scientific experiment that recreated a type of flow pattern known as a Von Karman Vortex.  The ground fabric is silk habotai overlaid with hand dyed silk 
organza .

Detail showing stitching in random long and short stitch and seed stitching.

Detail 2.

Detail 3.

Detail 4
Thousands of random seed stitches and longer random stitches give texture and depth to the background.

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