Saturday, May 12, 2012

Opening Night

Finally, a blog post about my show opening at the Goulburn Street Gallery.  As I wrote previously, it was a lovely night with lots of people in attendance.  My mother, sister and niece flew to Hobart for the opening and we spent a fun weekend just hangin' out.

Here's how the work looked on the walls.......

Robin did a lovely job hanging the show and she did well to make it flow so nicely considering the diversity of the work both in form and colour.

This photo was taken during the day time after the opening, hence the relfections, but look!  3 dots!  These works sold at the opening and I was thrilled!  

The counter looking very orderly while awaiting the arrival of the guests.

Mahdi Chandler did a lovely job of the opening speech.  I was touched by her kind words.

My dear friend Sharon could not be there but sent these lovely flowers to the gallery.  It was a beautiful surprise to find them there and to know that she was thinking of me.

Listening to Mahdi's speech.  Me in the foreground (trying not to blush as red as my cardigan), Diana Eaton and Josie Mackie who with her brother Reuben did a fabulous job in distributing the mini cupcakes.
Close up of the necklace I made especially for the event.

The crowd.

This outside photo was taken by my friend Diana.  It looks like a nice party, don't you think?

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Maya Sara Matthew said...

Congratulations Marta, what a great show.