Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Finished.

Yes, today I put the final stitches into my big work today and have stretched it ready for framing.  It's final dimensions are 72 cm wide x 52 cm high.  That might not sound all that big, but when you are covering the surface with tiny stitches, believe me, it's daunting.

This is the finished work in its entirety.

I was trying to photograph the final bottom section in one go and decided to opt for a couple of angled views.  (The white stuff on the floor is a couple of kilos of samoyed hair waiting to be carded and sent to the spinner.  Don't know when that will get done!).

The areas of red french knots are how settled areas of the Turpan Depression appear on a satellite image.  

I'm thinking of calling this piece "New World Order", a commentary on the ascendancy of China as a super economic power and how the people (mostly Uighur Muslims)who live in this and other similarly remote locations are not only not benefitting from the Chinese pseudo-capitalist miracle, but are actually experiencing a decline in living standards and basic human rights.

Here in close up you can see the directionality in the stitching and the colour changes that help to define the topography.

And finally, here's how it looks sitting on my easel.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Love that red.

Heather M. said...

It's fabulous. I love how I can see the terrain in it and the shapes of the mountains. What are you going to do with it?

Marta Brysha said...

Thanks Heather. I'm planning on entering this one in the Fiberart International juried exhibition in Pittsburgh.

magicmoonmusings said...

How did I miss this post?? Looks fantastic!!

arlee said...

OMG your embroidery blows me away!!!!!!!!!

Marta Brysha said...

Thanks Arlee! Lovely to have you on board. I have just checked out your lovely blog and will be following it from here on.

Everyone, do yourselves a favour and check out Arlee's main blog at