Saturday, October 8, 2011

Visit to MONA

Last weekend I was thrilled to play host to my sister, Mihaela who was visiting from Melbourne.  First on the agenda was a visit to MONA (Museum of New and Old Art).  If you haven't been there yet you must go (I don't care where in the world you live!).  The building itself is a work of art, dug deep into the subterranean depths, the walls formed by the underlying sandstone.  I couldn't stop photographing the walls.  Unfortunately in the low light the warm pinks do not come up very clearly.

This is an artwork called BIT. FALL by German artist Julian Popp.  Difficult to see here against the stunning sandstone, it is a waterfall that spells out a series of words, seemingly unconnected, but (at this time) referencing current affairs.

Looking down at the bar on level B3 from the Mummy Room on B1.

The Moth Collection by Stephen J Shanabrook, collage made using remnants from heroin and crack use.  Beautiful and tragic at the same time.  You can see more of Shanabrook's amazing artworks by following the link.

This series of untitle watercolour works by Hungarian artist, Balint Zsako.  The link will take you to a gallery of his drawings.  Click on the dots on the left to progress through his portfolio.  His website is a little cryptic.  To go to different areas of the site you need to click on different parts of the simple drawings that serve as entry points to different sections.  Easy once you get the hang of it.

Dont' know who the artist is or what the title is.  I like the paper dress, not so sure about the "blood".

China-China Bust 82 by Ah Xian

Don't know the artist's name or the name of the work and not really sure what it is about......

.......but I do love the colours and lights on the pin ball table top.

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