Saturday, October 8, 2011

MONA continued

There was too much at MONA for just one blog entry.  The adventure continues here....

 Don't know who the artist is but I absolutely adore this work composed of 69 separate sculptures either ceramic or textile.

Exquisitely made tiny porcelain whorls.

Red velvety felt contrasts with the smooth, almost wet looking porcelain pieces.

The divine work of Australian artist Fiona Hall

As the name MONA suggests there are lots of antiquities interspersed with the contemporary artworks, creating a pleasing variety and juxtaposition.  This is a Beaded Shroud from 1550 - 1295 BCE.

This unusual Egyptian bowl depicts an aquatic theme.

Detail of the strangely asexual portrait "Grandma" by Miki Carmi

After all that seriousness "Fat Car" by Erwin Wurm is sure to amuse.  

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