Friday, October 14, 2011

Crop Circle Series

This series of 9 works was inspired by the phenomenon of crop circles.  Each work is approximately 22 cm x 22 cm.  The ground fabrics are antique and new Japanese fabrics, some silk, some synthetic.  Threads used were commercial cotton threads and hand dyed silk.

Crop Circle 1:  It Starts and Ends at the Beginning.

Crop Circle 2:  Fraction of a Fractal
A single unit of the lovely and complex Julia Set Fractal

Crop Circle 3:  Duality
A reinterpretation of Yin-Yang

Crop Circle 4:  You are Me, I am You
This piece explores the inextricable relationship between the circle and the triangle.
Detail shows the use of tiny seed stitches

Crop Circle 5:  From this Place Arise All Things Eternal

Crop Circle 6:  Chasing Twisters with Whirligigs

Crop Circle 7:  Eclipse
Thousands of tiny, tiny seed stitches link the various stages of the eclipse
The previous photo is more true to the colour, however here you can see the detail of the seed stitches.

Crop Circle 8:  Three into One into Three

Crop Circle 9:  Moondance
A whimsical end to the crop circle journey.

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