Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Work on Paper

Last week I was off work sick because one side of my face swelled up after having a retained tooth root extracted.  I was fine if I was sitting (the pain was there, but happy drugs made it less intense), but if I stood up I would instantly get dizzy.  My vision out of my left eye was a blurred I presume because the swelling was pressing on my tear duct.  Anyway, on a positive note, I was able to complete 3 works on paper.  The first 2 I have already blogged about and here is the third.  Don't forget to click on the images if you want to see a larger image.

First I drew the green background using my inktense pencils blended with a wash.  I then glued down the beautiful silk lace paper.  (This paper was really expensive but is so beautiful I'm very glad I made the investment.  Mind you, I almost lost it when it caught fire on the scented candle I burn in my studio!  Fortunately it only burnt an area of about 10 cm diameter.  I'm thinking of a way to incorporate the burnt edge into another paper work).

I then stitched around some of the "holes" in the silk lace paper, starting with white down the bottom and ending up with a variegated blue/green/gold thread at the top.

The large floating circles give the piece its main focus and draw together the silk paper area and the painted area at the top.

In close up you can see the lovely fine fibres that make up the gossamer silk paper.

I like the white thread at the bottom.  The effect is tonally subtle, but very textural.

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magicmoonmusings said...

This is lovely! Beautiful texture.

Thanks for visiting my blog, glad that post helped :)

Marta Brysha said...

Thanks Maria. I am quite fond of this one.