Friday, February 17, 2012

So much Samoyed hair!

I finally got around to washing the 2 kg (or maybe more!) of Samoyed hair that I have collected over the last 18 months.  It seems Seamus and Teadach are just machines for turning food into hair.  The hair has to be washed 3 times and then rinsed.  My hands are sore from all the wringing.  Anyway, here's what 2 kg of samoyed hair looks like laid out on 2 giant beach towels.

I'm going to ask my spinner if she would mind spinning this quantity.  Last time I had about 1.2 kg and she said that was daunting!  This time I'll sweeten the deal by offering more money and carding the fleece before I give it to her.  If she doesn't say yes then I'll have to learn to spin myself, arrghh!  I've got too much else to do!

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