Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have been busy building my new website.  Progress is coming along nicely, but it takes time and work.

So, in the meantime here is something that I find really inspiring.

The work of Peter Gentenaar is so beautiful it leaves me speechless.  These gorgeous paper sculptures are created by allowing paper pulp to dry on a bamboo frame (this description makes it sound ridiculously simple, which I am sure it is not!).

Peter Gentenaar:  Waterkey 2

Peter Gentenaar: Open Flower, Yellow

This is my absolute favorite. it's called Hourglass Figure

Peter Gentenaar:  Chutes and Ladders

Peter Gentenaar:  Geisha

Recently 100 of his paper sculptures were hung in Abbey church of Saint-Riquier in France.
These photos came from here, where you can see more images of the installation.

Peter Gentenaar's wife, Pat Gentenaar-Torley also works with paper pulp.  She creates 2 dimensional artworks by intricately layering paper pulp over a vacuum table of Peter's design.  I particularly like her still life works.

Pat Gentenaar-Torley: From the East

Pat Gentenaar-Torley:  Porcelain with Tulips

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the website building is still going well! Artists statements are a huge pain - I know they are my mother's least favorite part of putting works on display. If you happened to want an extra pair of eyes to look them over, just let me know :-)

How fragile are Peter Gentenaar's paper sculptures? They are so intricate!


Marta Brysha said...

Thanks for the offer, Hannah. I already have a pretty good artist's statement that just needs a bit of a review. It's all the tiny details that take ages. For instance I want to include a sentence or 2 about each work. The difficulty comes in making the information succinct and interesting.

I'll have a good go at it this afternoon after I finish putting the second coat on the exterior windows of my house.