Friday, September 23, 2011

Me and Casey and CollaborArt

Last weekend we had the opening of the CollaborArt Exhibition in Kempton.  Below are our finished works.

Casey Day:  From here to There

Casey's novel approach to working the flower stem integrates beautifully with the lush flower.

Hand dyed silk fabric remnants form the basis of the flower petals with fine beadwork anchoring the fabric and hand stitching defining the borders.

Tiny beads on the end of the tiny heart shaped flowers give a sense of continuity with the main flower.

Marta Brysha:  From There to Here

A bird flies free of the shackles of the city below.  The journey is, however, perilous and costs the bird some of her tail feathers.

The tail feathers drift down to the ground below.  A bright splash of colour in an otherwise grey environment.

Tiny heart-shaped flowers struggle to grow out of the concrete jungle.  These flowers imitate the similar motif in Casey's piece thus linking the two works.

Very fine stem stitch is used as a filling stitch for the head and crest.

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