Friday, May 18, 2012

What I'm Reading.

This is post features a book that I recently purchased called Culture to Catwalk by Kristin Knox.  (If you're in Australia, go to Booko to see where you can get this book cheapest).  This book is gorgeous from beginning to end.  I have chosen a few favourite pages to share with you.  (Actually, I lie.  Every page in the book is my favourite, but I couldn't show them all.  That would just be crazy!).

The book features catwalk couture collections categorised by the country of origin of the traditional dress that inspired the collections.

Not only do you get the lush photos of the haute couture, you also get divine photos of people in traditional dress.

I love this skirt!

These dresses, with their dramatic African prints and figure hugging form, fill me with longing.

Natural beauty from Ethiopia.

You could not possibly cover Mexico without including Frida Kahlo!

So pretty.

I've always wanted to have my hands hennaed.

The gold dress looks like something you might see at Gay Mardi Gras.  The technical aspect of the pleating is just fascinating.

And my Achilles heal........ethnic jewellry........(sigh!).

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