Friday, March 9, 2012

Indigo Dyeing Workshop

Today I'm heading off to a 2 day indigo dyeing workshop.  I started preparing some fabrics yesterday.  One is a long scarf that took me 6 hours to stitch!

I dyed some scarf lengths so that I'd have a few pieces that were a little more interesting than just the basic blue and white.  The red and green are crinkle chiffon, the pink/orange piece is a very fine dupioni silk.

Don't you just love these colours?

This scarf is a heavy weight habotai so it should hold the shibori well after drying.  The purple is a little brighter although overall I was a bit disappointed in the dyeing of this piece.  Once it has been overdyed with indigo it will either look subtle and sophisticated or (dread) just muddy.  We will see.  You can see how much stitching was involved.

Here's the scarf with the stitching pulled tight.  I've done an alternating pattern of small stitches and larger stitches so there will be some variation in how the dye is taken up and in the final texture of the scarf.

I do love the way it looks at this stage.
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Marie Costa said...

Aww, thanks for the shout-out, much appreciated!

And thank you for the advice on working with silk thread, I'll definitely pick up some Thread Heaven.