Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Darling House, Santa Cruz

Today we left Santa Cruz and began the long journey home.  While in Santa Cruz we stayed at the delightful The Darling House, bed and breakfast on West Cliff Drive.  This charming house was built in 1910.  Designed by William Weeks, the house is an amalgam of a number of different, but nevertheless pleasingly combined, architectural styles.

The Darling House overlooks Monterey Bay and is beautifully framed by the garden which is the work of the current owner, Darrell Darling.

The entrance hall comprises beautiful wood panelling with detailed inlay work.

The entrance hall as seen from the lounge room.

The dining area is nestled in an oversized bay window.

The lounge room is a comfortable place to take in the view over Monterey Bay.

Gorgeous lead light windows filter sunshine into the house.

Beautiful details abound, such as the front door latch and other fittings.  

Karen and Darrell Darling were very gracious hosts and I would recommend The Darling House to anyone looking to spend some time in Santa Cruz.

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